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Our Team

Lou Beardsmore she/her

Lou is the co-founder of Pride Outside and an active part of the LGBTQ+ community in Scotland, inspired by her own lived experiences and her volunteering in LGBTQ+ communities.

Lou has worked in the third sector for over 20 years, both in the UK and internationally and in that time, she has worked with over 100 organisations including Red Cross and Oxfam. Lou now works full time for Pride Outside specialising in LGBTQ+ diversity, equality and inclusion training and delivering wellbeing sessions to LGBTQ+ groups and networks.

To look after her wellbeing, Lou loves adventures in nature and is also an accredited wellbeing coach and outdoor facilitator. She uses these skills to deliver LGBTQ+ wellbeing sessions as part of Pride Outside’s Wellbeing Programme in nature.

Photograph of Lou Beardsmore

Proudest moment: "Our first ever Pride Outside Wellbeing Festival - over 250 LGBTQ+ people came along to the most beautiful woodlands in Glasgow and it was just the most incredible day!"

Photograph of Ellis Beardsmore

Ellis Beardsmore they/them

Ellis identifies as trans and non-binary and is a founding member of the LGBT Funding Circle which provides support to LGBTQ+ youth activists around the world.

Ellis was previously a CEO in an educational charity in Scotland and they have always been passionate about learning with over 20 years experience in the UK and internationally. They lived and worked in Sudan and Pakistan on youth and education programmes with the Department for International Development. Ellis is also a trainee psychotherapist working with the trans community in Glasgow and volunteers regularly within the LGBTQ+ community.

Ellis spent most of their childhood outdoors, walking, cycling or running Guide camps so nature has always been an important part of their wellbeing so they love bringing that passion to Pride Outside’s wellbeing programmes.

Proudest moment: I cycled around the west coast of Scotland for 6 weeks, it was a huge personal challenge and I felt so proud of myself as it was an incredible experience.

Ru she/they

Although I’ve just had my 15th birthday (which is old in campervan years) I am still a much loved part of the Pride Outside team. I have successfully taken the team all over the UK to deliver their training and wellbeing programmes and I can also be parked up by a Scottish loch and double as a travelling work space when needed.

I was named after the inspirational Ru Paul of the Drag Race TV show, and although not I’m not quite as glamorous as the drag queen,  I do try and aspire to be an LGBTQ+  trailblazer like Ru herself!

Proudest moment: "Despite my age, I was able to be packed full of equipment and drink for Ellis and Lou’s wedding and then provided the honeymoon accommodation for the happy couple as they toured Scotland post-wedding."

Photograph of Ru the campervan

Our Board

Kelsey she/her

Kelsey is the CEO of Safer Edge, a UK-based risk management company which provides learning and risk management solutions to organisations working in challenging environments. Safer Edge works with hundreds of social sector organisations including international and national NGOs, foundations, universities and governments.


Kelsey’s work focuses on ‘equitable security’ which highlights the risks of people or groups who have traditionally been marginalised by the safety and security sector and specialises in gender-based violence and violence directed at LGBTQ+ communities. She has worked for over 30 years in countries like Uganda, Indonesia and Belarus.

Proudest moment: I am really proud of proactively working to make the risk management and security sectors more equitable, accessible and inclusive.

Photograph of Kelsey

Beatrice she/her

Beatrice is a participant and volunteer with Pride Outside and started attending virtual Pride Outside events during lockdown and was then inspired to go outside more frequently, which really helped get her through the long pandemic months.


Beatrice’s background is in sports development and she currently works in funding. She is passionate about creating spaces to bring people together with similar lived experiences, to build community, increase mental health and wellbeing and social connectedness.

Proudest moment: building an amazing community of friends since I moved to Scotland 4 years ago.

Photograph of Beatrice

Andy he/him

Andy is currently finishing his PhD research at the University of Edinburgh, in which he is exploring LGBTQ+ community-building in response to the environmental crisis.

Alongside his doctoral studies, Andy works for a major Scottish environmental forum and his advocacy role encourages Members of the Scottish Parliament to champion threatened species and priority habitats. Prior to this, Andy worked to build community partnerships for Scotland’s leading youth homelessness charity and volunteers with different charities that work to support and empower young people, vulnerable adults, and refugees.

Proudest moment: being asked to join the Pride Outside board!

Photograph of Andy


We have a group of over 40 fantastic volunteers who work with us regularly to support our free Pride Outside Wellbeing programme of nature connection events in local woodlands. There is also a Volunteer Committee who manage our annual Pride Outside Festival which attracts over 500 people each year and is full of free wellbeing sessions, entertainment and community stalls.


Most of our volunteers are from the LGBTQ+ community so volunteering it is a great opportunity to meet new friends in safe, sober space in local nature.


Please get in touch if you would like to get involved!

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