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At Pride Outside we are always looking for volunteers to support our wellbeing events. Our team includes a diverse bunch of people with a passion for wellbeing and nature, and are an essential part of the community.

Our Volunteers are the people who make the magic happen at Pride Outside!


We have over 40 volunteers who support us with our Wellbeing Programmes and our annual Pride Outside LGBTQ+ Wellbeing Festival which takes place in September in a beautiful Glasgow woodlands. Our volunteers support us with everything from our social media to our entertainment tent and Proud Dog show at the festival! Our volunteers come from a diverse range of backgrounds and we always provide travel expenses, food and drink and support, as we want to make volunteering accessible to everyone in our community. 

A group of volunteers standing and crouching, smiling, some with their arms in the air

Our festival takes place in September and our Volunteer programme runs from June to August, so we usually start advertising volunteering opportunities in May. The Volunteer programme includes accredited mental health first aid training, wellbeing sessions outdoors and a great opportunity to meet other LGBTQ+ people and new friends in a safe and sober space. 


We also have a big Volunteer community meal after our festival - which if everyone is honest, is probably our favourite part! 


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Five reasons people volunteer with us...

To meet new LGBTQ friends and join a community


To improve mental health and wellbeing


To build confidence


To learn new skills


To have fun!


Want to do more?

We work with a lot of LGBTQ+ organisations who you can volunteer with. Check our their websites below.

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